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Our Customers

Chemco Corporation is a major supplier of cleaning and sanitation programs and products to some of the nation’s leading QSR’s.  We are proud of our long term relationship with all of our QSR customers, some of which exceed 26 years of supplying them with “The Right Solutions”.  We don’t service only big names, however.  Whether you have 10 or 10,000 units, Chemco can provide a cleaning and sanitation program that fits your operational needs.

Similarly, Chemco is a major supplier of cleaning and sanitation programs and products to some of the nation’s leading Convenience Stores. Our PINT SIZE PROGRAM is one option that offers C-Store operators a comprehensive, simple to use and cost effective way to clean and sanitizer their entire store. Again, whether you are an independent operator or part of a national chain, Chemco can provide you with the products and service you deserve.

Chemco private labels or co-brands with several international equipment manufacturers. We provide these manufacturers a virtual chemical division by formulating products specific to their equipment needs. Product can be shipped through Chemco’s or the manufacturers own distribution network. We provide OEM’s the flexibility of producing small batches of only 100 cases, while we have the capacity to manufacture and ship in truck load quantities.

What’s a major advantage in working with Chemco? It’s simple – SERVICE! Unlike many of our competitors, Chemco is not mired down with layers of bureaucracy. Our CSR’s know our customers by name – not a number. Everyone from a buyer, to a manager, to a store employee can call Chemco, get a real person and get answers to their questions quickly and easily. You can even call Paul Lewis, the President of Chemco and speak to him directly. Try calling the President of your current supplier and see if they take your call. Chemco does business a little differently and we think you’ll appreciate the difference.

"It's not clean, until it's Chemco clean!"